Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh, I remeber this one time in the streets of rage...

Where I was beatin' down Delusional bitches who thought they had a really sucky life.
But that stopped when I got a baseball bat and pwned them with a damn baseball bat.
Awesome! And whenever there were too many of them, I called my police buddies to help me.
They had a Bazooka and when it hit it's target, the peoples died except me. I jumped high.
And then, There was this jackass who thought the Sega Genesis sucked and Final Fantasy
was the bestest game evar. He said that and I pulled out my Hockey stick and went all
Casey Jones on him.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Splatman: A nice little version of Pacman. Eat all the dots and fruits to proceed further avoiding the scary ghosts.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, because it doesn't feature a Malcolm X Hoodie Or a character named "The hockeystick Samurai' and his friend righteously beating the shit out of a gothic jackass.* Or a The above character attending an Black Panther rally with an AK. Or a Black power March. * To Public Enemy.

...Actually it sucks because it feature Angst Ridden bitches brooding and i hate White surburbanites that complain about how sucky their lives are, when It's not.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It Feels like a thousand life times have passed since Drama Club did "The Twelve Dacing Princess"....

Things have changed. For the best or worst, I don't know.
I heard some scuttlebutt that She got fired for something.
I hope that didn't happen.

The Diviners review.

Lemme get something straight into the opening. Kelly Betz nails his character perfectly. At first, I had some reservations about a kid from SAGE doing a character with a learning disability. But I was wrong.
He nails it, in such a way, It is incredible. He does in such a way, that it isn't stereotypical. It captures how it is really with some people. After My second viewing, I was still damned impressed how he did it.

Derek and Brent's character.

First of all, about Brent, The Suit looks like It belongs in the seventies.
Brent does very well C.C Showers. How he Executes his character in manner, personality and conflict is very well.

Derek Graham's character: Also well done, The somewhat souther twang is done well.

Bud's sister:
Everytime I see it, I see what could've been. That Character Could've been brilliant. She's Bud's "Guide". But the actress who does it, really manages to make the character, not relatable. Which is very impossible. I'm not saying She was the worst ever. I'm saying, that A better person could been picked (Cough Megan Dennhy Cough) for it.

What the fuck?

Let me get off my chest, He still doesn't believe me about not Hitchking. What's so hard not to understand about that. I just wave hi to people.
And you who know informed him, the people at church.

And that one of examples of him just being intolerable.

I can't wait for mom to get here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Map testing

It's like the battle of the bulge, only if you're really horrible at math. Session 2:
It seems that i have been thrown a curveball. I had a few problems with session one. Today, Out of 13 questions, I have three problems done.
The questions didn't make a bit sense, that's how hard it was.
and those was draw your answer.
Well, it seems that Session three will be a little bit easier. (Fill in the Blank)
But it (S2) was made harder by two dicks who would not shut up.
Not thirty minutes into it, They starting doing ingorant shit. That really bothers me WHEN I'AM TRYING TO WORK.
Tommorrow, I'll stay after to get it done.
It was hard.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Star Wars Horoscope

You are on a lifelong pursuit of justice and determined to succeed.

You convey the art of persuasion through force.

You always display your supreme intelligence.

You have a great talent in obtaining balance between yourself and your surroundings.

Star wars character you are most like: Obi Wan Kenobie

Five quick ways to detox your kitchen


Simple moves to make that Thanksgiving meal safe to eat

The holiday cooking season is heavenly — and hazardous. Tasty platters of turkey, stuffing, and treats come with countless opportunities to spread foodborne illnesses. Kitchen mistakes cause almost 25 percent of food-sickness outbreaks, says Donna Rosenbaum, executive director of Safe Tables Our Priority, a nonprofit food-safety organization. Here, how to keep your kitchen risk-free for festive times — or anytime.

Keep scrubbing

A quick pass under cold water doesn't cut it when washing your hands, says Joan Salge Blake, RD, a nutrition professor at Boston University. "Use soap and hot water, and scrub for at least 20 seconds." Wash when you start cooking and whenever you switch between types of food prep, whether it's from potatoes to carrots or poultry to parsley. "All foods are susceptible to cross-contamination," Blake says.
Clean up your cleanup

How can you detox your kitchen tools and counters without dangerous chemicals? In a quart-size spray bottle, combine water, freshly squeezed lemon, and 1 teaspoon nonchlorine bleach; then mist countertops. Try Seventh Generation Free and Clear ChlorineFree Bleach ($5.29; And replace old sponges, a breeding ground for bacteria, with new ones that have smooth surfaces (making them less likely to harbor food and bacteria); keep them germ-free by tossing them in the dishwasher every time you run it.

Store smarter

Pack leftovers in small, shallow containers instead of one big one so they'll cool more evenly and won't warm up your fridge. The fridge temp should be 40 degrees or below; keep a stick-on thermometer ($12.99; or hardware stores) inside, and check it weekly. And as leftovers mount up, organize your fridge so the most perishable foods go in back. "They'll stay cold even on days when you re opening and closing the fridge nonstop," Blake says.

Obey thaw laws

Never thaw food, especially meat, on a counter. While the insides will take hours to defrost, the outsides will warm to room temperature too quickly, which allows bacteria to thrive. Instead, thaw foods in a pan in the fridge. For turkey, allow 24 hours for every five pounds. And remember to cook the entire bird to 180 degrees — check the temperature with a thermometer!

Serve safer

Perishable food that sits out at room temperature (usually 64 to 80 degrees) should be tossed after two hours to prevent a bacteriapopulation explosion, Blake says. That means big buffet platters are danger zones. Try serving smaller portions and refilling as needed with backup platters from the fridge or oven. Put hot dishes in chafing dishes or slow cookers that can stay at or above 140 degrees.